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Schoko-Truffes Black Garlic : "les Baisers de Casanova" (12 pcs)

CHF 27.00


A surprising assortment of 12 handmade truffes from the Neuhof guest and chocolate house in Appenzell.

An unlikely encounter between two enthusiasts who have fused the flavor of a truffe with goat's whey and that of black garlic.

3 flavors:

Black-Garlic & Espelette pepper: a warm kiss that warms your heart

Black-Garlic & Ginger: a powerful kiss that gives strength and courage

Black-Garlic & Lemon: an exotic kiss that takes you on a journey

Goat whey is used instead of cream and butter and makes the truffe light, fine and digestible.

Black garlic when coated with chocolate reveals a note of candied lemon.


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laup61 29.06.2023
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