Black Garlic heads, organic

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Minimum order quantity: 60


Top quality organic black garlic heads to peel yourself.

Bulk (by weight).

Attention : minimum garlic head weight : 60 grammes (please write the weight in the quantity field).

Store in a cool place away from air if you want to avoid drying out.

Black garlic is a wonderful gift from nature for health and also a most delicious treat.

Prepared from quality organic garlic, black garlic develops multiple flavors over the entire range of candied-caramelized-liquorice, prunes, pears - with a hint of balsamic vinegar and a fungal touch reminiscent of truffles or morels .

To taste in small pieces on toast, on fish or meat, it is also readily added to all your salads and reveals wonders in your desserts.


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m-eva bvt 26.07.2021
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michel.rosado 14.08.2021
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DÉLICIEUX….d’une saveur exceptionnelle, de loin le meilleur ail noir que j’ai dégusté, bravo, du très bon savoir faire et beaucoup d’AMOUR c’est incontestable
laup61 29.06.2023
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prosana bio 02.02.2023
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