Black Garlic Paste organic, ready to use

CHF 16.00


Organic black garlic reduced to a paste, in a small practical and hygienic storage jar. Keep in the fridge after opening.

For all uses, in your sauces, but also integrated in your creations "to spread" with olive oil, spices or white or cream cheeses.

Black garlic is a wonderful gift from nature for health and also a most delicious treat.

Prepared from quality organic garlic, black garlic develops multiple flavors over the entire range of candied-caramelized-liquorice, prunes, raisins - with a hint of balsamic vinegar and a fungal touch reminiscent of truffles or morels .

It is also a great addition to all your salad dressings and reveals wonders in your desserts.


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ericow 12.04.2021
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tellement bienfaisant qu'on en redemande !
luc_pasquier 22.07.2021
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très belle découverte
prosana bio 02.02.2023
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