Fondue Bio from Sapalet with Black Garlic Bio from la Tine

CHF 22.00


Portion for 2 people (400 gr) of A majestic duo that will surprise you with delicacy.

Two recipes are offered on the back of the package.


The Classic fondue:

to which you can add one or two cloves of black garlic in the preparation and prick slices of black garlic on the fork with your bread. An exquisite taste then presents itself in your palate.

Light Fondue Preparation:
Add 1dl / 200g of cider or beer, heat over low heat add Cider or beer if necessary.
Cut bread and vegetables into pieces: fennel, celery branches, carrots, also test fruit.
Keep the black garlic cloves to prick them on your fork with these different ingredients and let yourself be surprised.

Enjoy your meal.


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