Black Garlic Haselnut Paste "Tartine Gourmande"

Pot de 100 gr.
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CHF 7.00


A delicious organic hazelnut paste with pure cocoa and black garlic.

Ingredients: Organic hazelnuts, organic black garlic, organic maple syrup, organic almond milk, organic cocoa powder.


At breakfast or for 4 hours, a real source of energy, healthy and delicious. For your children, if they like the very discreet tip of black garlic, a healthy solution to maintain their body.


Let yourself be surprised by this taste harmony, in a 100 gr pot.


Keep in the fridge after opening. (approx. 10 days maximum, no preservatives).

Ratings (2)

Très bon ,
De la balle ! Bien meilleur que le nutela ( Berk ???? ) c’est d’un goût incomparable et succulent!

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